YuiSenri Yasuki White Steel #2, Chef’s Kiritsuke Style Yanagiba (Sashimi Knife)

$ 252.11$ 465.46

YuiSenri / Yasuki White Steel #2, Original Chef’s Kiritsuke Style Yanagiba (Sashimi Knife), manufactured in Sakai / Osaka, Japan.


Item Specefications
Brand    YuiSenri(唯千里)
Blade Material    Yasuki White Steel #2
Type    Yanagi (Sashimi) Kiritsuke Knife
Single bevel for Right handed
Blade Length

YKW210 : 210mm / 8.3″
YKW240 : 240mm / 9.4″
YKW270 : 270mm / 10.6″
YKW300 : 300mm / 11.8″
Handle Material    Octagonal Wood Handle
Bolster Material    Water Buffalo Horn
*Color may vary due to natural products.
Option Wooden Saya Cover, originally stamped by YuiSenri
& Ebony Saya Pin *See Variation (Select Saya Cover Included)
Manufacturing place    Sakai / Osaka,Japan
Remarks: *Blade Length of the Knife defines the length from top edge of the blade(tip) to Root of the steel (Machi), not top edge of the blade (tip) to the end (Ago) https://mannligapotek.com.

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