How to Take Good Care of Your Kitchen Knives?

All types of kitchen knives require a particular kind of care and maintenance. Through proper maintenance, you can keep your knife in serviceable order for an extended period. If the knives are not sharp or have rust on the blade, then they are very unsafe, and you can waste more time in the kitchen in cutting the vegetables.

That is why it is advisable to have a high-quality set of Japanese kitchen knives along with all the required knife accessories. If you have high-quality knives, then there is no need to spend your time on regular maintenance. Knives are useful and indispensable in everyday task. So, keep up its usability with the following mentioned tips.

How to properly clean your knives?

The first and the most necessary rule in knife care is to clean and dry the knives properly after every use. That means you should clean the entire knife, starting from its blade to handle. Most of the new knives come with blades which are resistant to corrosion, rust, and oxidization. But still, they need some care.

While cleaning your knives, do not use harsh cleaning agents. Look for cleaning products made for knives only. There are different types of oils which can be used to keep your knives in their perfect condition, for example, camellia oil. You can buy such oil from the online knife store from where you have purchased your knife. Use warm water to clean the stainless-steel blade of the knives. If you are using a knife with a carbon steel blade, use baking soda and hot water combination to clean the blade.

Effective preventive care

Preventive care is the secret to avoid different knife issues which can need repair.

  • As a general rule, you should always ensure that while using the knife, its blade never comes in contact with hard surfaces such as metal, stone, and ceramic counter tops. Moreover, this can affect the performance of the knives as they will lose sharpness. If you have the most expensive knives, then be careful about this. Use cutting board while cutting fruits and vegetables.
  • Kitchen knives are made to use in the kitchen only for cutting vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. It has seen that there are people who use their knife for other different purposes like as a screwdriver or a tool used to pry something up. However, this is wrong. It will not only affect your knife but also can lead to a dangerous situation.
  • Regular knife care routine should include lubricating the knife properly using oil made for knives. You can use camellia oil for this. Take a few drops of oil and rub the knife with it using a soft cloth. However, do not leave excess oil on the knife.

Storing your knife perfectly

Use storage devices to store the knives. If you need something which can last for a long time, then buy the knife storage made with non-acidic materials. Now, this will protect your Japaneese knife from corroded. So, keep these things on mind, and you can keep up your knife’s usability for a more extended period.

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